Effective July 1, 2019, after 39 years and five months, the firm of Lachenmeier Enloe will cease operation.  Jay Enloe will retire from active practice with the Oregon State Bar but will be available to serve in the capacity of arbitrator or mediator.  Rudy Lachenmeier has stopped accepting new plaintiff or defense cases, but will remain active with the Oregon State Bar as he winds down his litigation practice and transitions to doing exclusively mediations and arbitrations.

Dispute Resolution


Rudy Lachenmeier and Jay Enloe have spent their careers representing clients in civil disputes—usually by representing parties in state and federal court litigation—and have tried to verdict well more than 100 cases each and have represented parties in arbitration in at least as many cases.  In recent years, they have expanded the scope of their practice to include helping other parties resolve cases by serving as mediator or arbitrator.


Litigation is still the final dispute resolution tool if alternative dispute resolution tools have not produced a settlement.  Rudy Lachenmeier and Jay Enloe continue to represent parties in litigation, plaintiffs as well as defendants, however they cannot and do not represent clients with claims against insurers for whom they defend or with claims against other attorneys.

Based upon their extensive trial and arbitration experience, as augmented by the unique and robust jury verdict database they have assembled covering most personal injury cases tried to verdict in the Portland tri-county area since the mid-90s, Rudy Lachenmeier and Jay Enloe feel well qualified to assist other attorneys evaluate their cases or associate on cases if requested.