Litigation History

Since 1975, Mr. Lachenmeier’s practice has been unusually diverse. He has handled cases in all of the following areas, among many others:

  • Automobile accident, including UMs and UIMs
  • Slip-and-falls in many locations
  • Pesticide spray issues—forest issues and farm issues
  • Landlord/Tenant disputes
  • Product liability claims—auto—sawmill—asbestos
  • Fair housing
  • Timber trespass
  • Real estate—adverse possession—contractual disputes—disclosure disputes
  • Homeowners associations—myriad of issues
  • Construction defects—many kinds
  • Multiple types of discrimination cases—BOLI complaints—EEOC issues
  • Breach of contracts—many kinds
  • Professional liability—lawyers—veterinarians—pharmacies
  • Animal law—dogs—horses—wild game
  • Breaches of fiduciary duties

On the professional liability side, I have had cases involving lawyers, veterinarians, pharmacies, and corporate breaches of fiduciary duties. Although I have handled predominately civil cases for the defense, I have also handled numerous plaintiff’s cases over the years. In both roles, my objective is to come to a reasonable resolution as efficiently as possible. I very much appreciate the civility of the Oregon Bar and try hard to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and congeniality. I’ve always been willing to stand firm for issues that matter when no reasonable compromise could be reached.