Mr. Lachenmeier and his former partner Jay Enloe collected and archived detailed jury verdict information, for cases involving personal injury claims of all types, tried in the Circuit Courts of the three Portland area counties, so as to assist clients with understanding what juries are currently awarding. The Jury Verdict Database goes beyond the usual commercial services, because it is created by Lachenmeier Enloe staff researching case specific information from the courthouses, and does not rely on the attorneys involved to report the verdicts.

This database includes verdicts from as far back as 1992, but is now updated infrequently. A simple search of the database will yield information, in summary form, regarding verdicts in particular types of cases, to assist in the evaluation of current cases.

Click on County, Accident Type, or both, to view verdicts for the types of cases requested. To return to the main page after viewing the list, press the back button on your browser.

Lachenmeier is able to refine the search further, in-house, to locate cases involving particular types of injury claims, for clients or colleagues. If clients or colleagues would like further information about these verdicts, they are invited to contact Rudy.

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