Mediation – Jay D. Enloe

Mediation provides an opportunity for parties to try to reach an agreed resolution without further expense—economically and emotionally—associated with prolonged litigation. Mediation provides a way for parties to analyze and understand the risks of proceeding with litigation, so as to help the parties see the value in reaching a common understanding and putting the matter behind them.

Parties at times view mediation as unnecessary, as they feel they should be able to settle a claim on their own. If that were always the case, of course, mediation would not exist as a method of alternative dispute resolution. There are occasions when, for one reason or another, a settlement agreement has not been reached and seems unlikely to be reached without the assistance of an experienced mediator. An experienced mediator can help parties envision likely trial or arbitration results and can help them try to fashion an agreement to eliminate the risk of an uncertain result.

To book a mediation with Jay please either call Marilyn at 503-207-6917 or Jay at 503-207-6914 or email both and and provide all of the following information: case name and number, the name of counsel for each party, the date or dates you would like to mediate and whether you need a half day or a full day and your preference for morning or afternoon for ½ day mediations. On our end we will first determine our availability for the date or dates you prefer, then check for conflicts and then email or call with whether we can accommodate your requests and have no conflicts.